‪#‎Ailee‬ 參與勇敢兄弟十週年紀念曲《‪#‎Johnny‬》於30日零點公開音源
Ailee lends her vocals to Brave Brothers’ 10th anniversary album with “Johnny”
It has been revealed that Ailee will be participating in Brave Brothers‘ 10th anniversary album and will be singing the track “Johnny.”
According to reports, Ailee’s track “Johnny” will be released on June 30th at midnight KST.
“Johnny” is a soulful and compelling track with a jazz feel but has dark undertones that only goes to highlight Ailee’s powerful but rich vocal tone.
Ailee will take up her first stage with “Johnny” during her first solo concert on July 4th at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park titled Fatal Attraction.
No words as to whether she will promote the track on music shows.



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